Radar Hockey is the "sport specific," or hockey side of TWoods Training. Some would say I was crazy, but my relentless pursuit to become the best player I am lead be down a path to skating 1000s of hours creating my own drills, becoming ambidextrous, applying physics and mechanics to understand hockey movements, and become the coach I am today.

THE SCIENCE behind RADAR: Radar is a system that constantly detects an object's distance, direction, and speed in relation to time and space. This is exactly how players process in a game, except with more critical thinking and skill weapontry. I take a physics and mechanic perspective

THE ART behind RADAR: Radar is also a palindrome, meaning a word taht is the same forward and backward - just like I can shoot both left handed and right handed. This helps me mirror and work with players through situations, help them and me understand skills and concepts, and overall make sessions a learning and interactive dicussion and process vs. a coach and athlete type setting.

I believe the combination of the "science and art," my passion and experience is a recipe to deliver an unique coaching perspective which will allow players to take more ownership in their own development, understand both the why and how with different skills and game situations, and always come more hungry and tenacious to beome better then they were before.

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Get better at all aspects of your game with Radar Hockey!


Hockey with TWoods

Guest Coach

Need a fresh feel to practice. Allow me to come out with a practice plan and lead a full practice while the coaching staff can observe and coach players on a deeper level.

Video Analysis

Get some tips from a pro! Video analysis can be any of the following:

- Shot Analysis

- Stride Analysis

- Game Analysis

My progressions and methods for shooting come from observation and analysis from myself and other players, learning and research throughout my playing career, and from my unique skills of being ambidextrous.

Please contact me for questions of the logistics and to schedule sessions.


Guest Coach

Does your team need a difference voice, or more focused/specific instruction during practice? Communicate with me on what goals and focuses are and I'll construct  and conduct a practice plan accordingly. This will bring a different taste and feel to practices, shake things up, and allow the coaches to talk their players about skills, plays, and game thinking.


Video analysis is a great tool to have for players because sometimes players do not notice what they are or not doing unless they see it and/or someone mentions it to them. With my experience and keen eye, I am able to detect areas that need improving and where players need to progress. I analysis video of the following categories:

  • Shot Analysis
  • Stride Analysis
  • Game Analysis

Next Steps...

Get some individual and unique feedback from TWoods or book her as a coach to come out to a practice! Knowledge, cues, and energy are essential for success!

Shooting Instruction

Work on the foundation technique of shooting and stick handling, to focusing on "game like" situations, releasing the puck relative to your stride and body position, and creating shot opportunities from nothing.

Treadmill Sessions

The stride is THE most important part of a player's game, therefore, you want to give it that focused attention. Treadmill sessions can focus on the following:

- Technique and Efficiency

- Power

- Conditioning

- Stickhandling while Skating


Shooting Instruction

There is no situation that is the same in sport - that's just one of the essences of the game. However, practicing your abilities of handling the puck, knowing where the puck is in relation to your body, and different types of releases will enhance your skills and increase your offensive threat as a player.

Treadmill Lessons


Skating Treadmill sessions allow a player to get special attention and focus that they need to improve their stride mechanics and efficiency. The better one can skate, the easier the game will be. See dramatics and permanent changes in a player's stride in just 4 sessions! Sessions work on technique, efficiency, power, conditioning, and/or stickhandling while skating.