Workload Performance is the programming and coaching side of TWoods Training! I've been programming for myself since I was 13, and put myself through the ringer of many test, stimuli, and periodized cycles. Some worked better then I expected, others didn't, but I learned a lot within every cycle including exercise selection, frequency/intensity/volume, intent, velocity, mentality, etc. The truth is - I love to program. I think it shows intellegence in it's own nature, as well displays creativity at the same time.

THE SCIENCE behind WORKLOAD - First, WORK (W) is asscociated with energy and is expressed with amount of forced needed/used and the distance required to perform the work prescribed. LOAD is the mass of an object with relation to it's gravitational force (9.81 m/s^2 on Earth). Both these variables need to be taken into account to reach strength, conditioning, and performance gains. LOAD is the external properties that can manipulate the outcome of performance, This can be manipulated with the amount of mass put on a bar, other object, band tension (changing acceleration), chains (changing load at periods of time), etc. WORK can be the enternal and interal factors that can manipulate performance. One can always perform an exercise faster vs. slower (velocity), alter depth or distance travelled (viva biological length, ROM, or structural apparatus), with time under tension, capacity and threshold training, ways to increase neurological and phyisological potentiation, etc.

THE ART behind WORKLOAD - To some, my personal workload and volume with training and other daily acts is unthinkable and insane. However, I love what I do and I've built up (and keep building) the work to handle the load the challenges I pursue. I also understand that there are more factors that contribute to performing the WORK and LOAD prescribed that fall outside the hours of training, such as sleep, nutrition, recovery, variation and balance.

With my blend of "science and art," passion, knowledge, and experience, I will get you the coaching and program that you need to get you over your plateau, improve movement quality and patterns, and ultimately get you achieving your goals!

Next Steps...

Feel like one of these program options will help progress towards your goals? Send me an email and let's chat about it!


Programs that work!

These are programs that I put myself through and worked! They vary in goal, intensity, volume,  frequency, and type but they are here for other to use.

Triphasic Derived

I took Cal Dietz's classic Triphasic Training Method and applied a twist to it.

Goals: Explosive Strength and Power, Speed, Stronger Positions

Intensity: High

Frequency: 3-4 days per week

Volume: Low


Simply Squats

Long periodized squat cycle that couldn't be more simple. Just show up and be better then last time.

Goals: Improve squat in speed, strength, stability.

Intensity: Low - High (all factors depend on cycle)

Frequency: 1-4 times per week

Volume: Low-High

Get one of these training plans before it is gone!


Custom Programs

Get something tailored to your specific needs and goals! Tell me how much TWoods you want in training regiment.

Complete Programming

Have a full integrated program designed that works on your weaknesses, and goals,  and unleash athletic abilities that you never thought you had.

Specific Movement and ADD Ons

Improve your strength, speed, power, efficiency, etc., whatever your focus is, in a specific movement . If you already have a program, you're an inseason athlete that just needs to supplement their already highly active schedule, or maybe you just want a taste of my style of programming!

I LOVE programming! As cliche as it sounds, I see it as both an art and a science. I rely a lot on research, my past experience, the athlete's past experiences, and expecting feeling/stimulus when I create programs. I take time to individualize programs and make sure that each program provides what the athlete needs.

Programs can be made for a specific movement, or a complete program.